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Web ResourcesThis page is intended to provide links to other Australian Shepherd Club websites as well as the main ASCA website.  It also includes other websites with information relevant to Australian Shepherds and/or dog training and competition.


ASCA and Regional ASCA Affiliates

ASCA  The parent club for Australian Shepherds

ASC of Idaho — ASCA affiliate in southwest Idaho 

CASA — ASCA affiliate in western Colorado

Southern Colorado ASC– ASCA affiliate in southern Colorado

Information on Aussies and Dog Training


Working Aussie Source– source of information and inspiration for those who use Australian Shepherds for their original purpose, livestock management.  Also a breeder directory by state.


Las Rocosa Australian Shepherd History Page An illustrated discussion of possible origins of the Aussie, including the Pyrenean Shepherd, the German Tiger, the Welsh Bobtail, and the Australian Coolie. There is also information on training stock dogs on the site.

 The Aussie Board.  A learning hub for the Australian Shepherd on the Internet. Videos, photos, pedigrees, learning, and the most awesome, supportive community.  (Beware– this can be a frustrating experience.  Someday they will get it fixed.)

 Inheritance of Coloration in the Australian Shepherd   The Australian Shepherd breed shows a unique kaleidoscope of color variety in the coats and eyes. This field guide presents both the common standard colors listed in the ASCA breed standard as well as the common nonstandard colors we see and gives the genetics of each, when known.

Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute   Quick links to ASHGI programs  Over 150 pages of health & genetics info. Many Article Translations.


Visit the Websites of Club Members


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