2018 Pre-Trial at Nationals

NEW!? Downloadable Run Orders for each class of stock

Please note:? ?110 entries were received postmarked on the opening day.? This necessitated a random draw to determine which entries would make it into the trial.? We are sorry that not everyone could get in, but that seems to be what happens at these pre-trials.? To see who got into what class of stock check out the Draw Results.

The draw was conducted on a random basis.? The procedure was to take each separate entry from the first day and write a number on the back (ranging from 1 to 110.)? Then using a random number generator we selected entries from the stack.? No names were visible until after the selection was made and the entry was turned over to put the information into the data base.

For those who have not read it before, here is the rule for conducting a draw as stated in the Stock Dog Rules:

The entry limit per Judge will be accepted in postmark order. In case of duplicate postmark entries, a random draw will be conducted to determine the order of acceptance. Each draw will entitle the dog to be entered in each of the classes available. If the class of stock is full, the dog?s entry (for that class of stock) will be put on a waiting list in order of receipt. If an envelope drawn has entries for more than one dog, each dog will compete for entry separately in the draw order.


ASC of Montana will be hosting a stock pre-trial at the 2018 Nationals in Greeley, CO on September 25, 2018.

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  • Cattle 60 runs ? Judge: Dana Mackenzie?Course D ? 5 head — Cattle Run Order
  • Sheep 60 runs ? Judge: Deb Conroy ? Course H ? 5 head? –? Sheep Run Order
  • Ducks 60 runs ? Judge: John Knepper ? Course B ? 5 head? –? Duck Run Order
  • Four silver buckle awards: High Combined WTCH, High Combined Non-WTCH, High Combined Open and High Combined Started.
  • Rosette?placement ribbons to fourth place.
  • Other prizes and ribbons may be awarded.
  • Pre-Entries open July 16, 2018
  • Course director:? Jim McKay – 406-546-4069;??mckay19650@msn.com
  • Trial secretary: Tom Morarre- 406-273-0608; tmorarre@msn.com

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