Trial Awards Information

The trial weekend award categories include:
  • High Combined Aussie WTCH
  • High Combined Aussie Non-WTCH
  • High Combined Other Breed
  • High Combined Stockdog
  • Most Promising Started Aussie*
  • Most Promising Started Other Breed*
  • High in Trial
Guidelines for ASC of Montana High Combined awards:
  • Each dog competing must be entered in all trials and all classes on each day (12-18 runs) to be eligible for any high combined award.
  • The Most Promising Started Aussie does not require entry in all trials but the dog must be entered in all classes of stock in Started in at least two trials.
  • A dog can only compete for one award category and if there are multiple possible awards, the handler must declare which award is being sought before the trial begins.
  • For a buckle or other weekend award to be received there must be at least two dogs competing for the award.
  • All scores will be included in the total for high combined awards.
There will also be a silver buckle awarded for High Combined Stockdog at the Spring Turnout, the Frenchtown Fling, and the Summer Roundup.  The Summer Roundup trial will have a second buckle for Most Promising Started Aussie as well.

*Note: only started scores will be counted toward the total of the Most Promising Started Aussie or Most Promising Started Other Breed awards.  For the started awards we use only the two highest started scores from each class of stock– ducks, sheep and cattle, to compute the combined score.  This provides the opportunity for dogs to move up to open after two qualifying runs if the handler wishes to do so.  However, if the handler of a started aussie wishes to compete for the High Combined Aussie non-WTCH award (instead of the Most Promising Started Aussie award), that intention must be declared before the start of the trial.